TRX Ledger Live Integration a Mutual Decision, Tron Says


Tron described its recent listing on Ledger wallet’s Ledger Live software as a move for both parties to continue the expansion of the crypto space.  

“It was in our mutual interest, to further develop and promote the crypto ecosystem,” a Tron representative told Cointelegraph. ”The rapid growth in the crypto and blockchain space is evident and the users demand more functions and creative solutions to advance the security, usability, and all-in-one stop.”

The addition gives users more options

Tron recently saw its proof-of-stake TRX coin added to Ledger Live, the desktop software for hardware wallet provider, Ledger, on April 16. The move also offers users staking capabilities within Ledger Live. 

Though Ledger hardware wallets previously hosted TRX compatibility and staking features, users had to work with third-party software to access them, the representative said. “Any third-party wallet can store TRX with the Ledger’s public SDK to the Ledger hardware wallet,” the rep added, mentioning TRONscan as an example.      

“This collaboration further improves the user experience and provide more options to users in the crypto space,” the rep added of the TRX addition on the whole. 

The companies value security

In an industry riddled with a history of hacks, security is an important part of user protection. The Tron representative described security as a pivotal aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. 

“Ledger’s team has re-engineered the transactions system and, further enhanced a step-by-step way to send and receive cryptocurrency assets,” they said. “Features, like on-screen guidance that raises the accuracy of these critical processes and more advanced features for users who seek more control over transactions and portfolio management.”

Even in the mainstream world, hackers run wild, as shown in the recent Zoom video platform hacks. This potentially paves the way for future blockchain-based solutions. 

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