Matic Announces a Privacy-Centric Coronavirus Tracking App


Blockchain scalability solution, Matic, launched a privacy-focused coronavirus tracking mobile application.

According to an April 29 announcement, the new app — dubbed Tracy — leverages the Matic network for contact tracing and quarantine management. The solution also uses decentralized data storage solution, MóiBit, to store sensitive data.

Per the announcement, Tracy is the first blockchain-based solution that was developed for quarantine management and contact tracing. The application is meant to let users understand how likely they are to have come in contact with somebody who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Matic is a second-layer scalability solution that uses side chains to move computation off-chain. The solution leverages the Plasma network alongside a network of proof-of-stake validators for asset safety.

Matic did not answer Cointelegraph’s inquiry by press time.

Blockchain’s relationship with the coronavirus 

As the world struggles with the ongoing pandemic, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry attempted to help address the issues and — in some cases — capitalize on the crisis. For instance, as Cointelegraph reported earlier today, — the firm behind the EOSIO software — recently invested $50,000 into a blockchain-based coronavirus tracking application.

The Waves-based decentralized exchange, Waves.Exchange, recently launched a prediction market allowing users to bet on whether the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has passed its peak.

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