Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Reaches Over 15 Million Monthly Active Users


Brave Browser, a cryptocurrency-powered web browser, announced that its monthly active user count increased 125% over the past year.

According to a June 1 announcement, Brave Browser’s monthly active users reached 15.4 million by the end of May. Daily active users, on the other hand, reached 5.3 million after increasing by 165% over the past year.

According to May data only about 12.32% of Brave Browser’s total users use the software’s cryptocurrency features. The firm’s co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich explained at the time:

“When we first released [Brave Browser] on desktop, it was 40% of the desktop browser share and as we added mobile we found people were less willing to use it, but we are working to make it more attractive to use by making it more convenient, making it reward the user more.”

Brave’s crypto-powered ads gain popularity

Brave Browser is an open source web browser created by Mozilla founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich that focuses on providing better privacy and blocking intrusive ads and trackers. The browser also provides an opt-in advertisement system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the firm’s proprietary Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave Browser’s advertisement 90-day average click-through rate is 9%, much higher than the industry average of 2%, according to Brave. Notably, some firms using the service see up to a 15% click-through rate. There have also been over one billion ad confirmation events to date, a 930% increase compared to the 97 million reported in October 2019.

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